Different people work differently. So for ease of use, Freshteam has a set of default filters for different views, like 'Active candidates' for candidate views and 'Published jobs' for job posting views etc. You can find these filters between the top band menu and the data.  

Here is an example of default candidates filters within a job posting.

Creating a new filter view:

  • Click on the Filter icon to the right of the screen-B2-BsKjivwKFR_7hKEw7hK_oNfSI1YhkXw.png
  • Add the filter criteria that you wish to create the filter for.
  • You'll notice that when you do so, the default filter view changes color and has a few more options to click on.

  •  Click X, to cancel the filter search, the swoosh (tick) to save the new filter and the swoosh with dots to save as a new filter option.

Note: You cannot save a default filter since they are hardcoded to the product already. In other words, when you change the criteria for a default filter, you'll only get the option to Save As, instead of both the Save and Save As options that you'd get with other views.

  • When you save a filter view, you also get an option to save the filter view only for you or for everyone.