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The trouble with most TA teams' approach to capturing their offer letter data is that they're buried in a spreadsheet whose name people had forgotten or are lost in a pile of files and folders. Freshteam makes it easy for the recruiter to make an offer and send it as a soft copy, directly to the candidate. This information isn't just released into the cosmos after that. We can easily access it in the 'Offer' tab that gets added to the Candidate 360 when you make an offer to a candidate. Once a candidate accepts an offer, their status becomes 'Offer Accepted'.

Making an offer:

  • Go to the candidate's Candidate 360 page and update the candidate's stage to 'Offered' from the hiring process drop-down box. Alternatively, if you are in the Kanban view within a job posting, you can just drag the candidates to 'Offered' stage.
  • Once you do, a pop-up will appear asking you if you need someone to approve the offer before creating the offer or start creating an offer.

  • If you choose to go for approval: Freshteam will open up the candidate conversations tab of the Candidate 360, with an active private comment window for you to write to and get the approval from the designated higher up. Remember, once you get the approval you have to move the candidate to 'Make an offer' stage again. Until you do, the candidate slides back to their previous stage.

  • If you choose to make an offer: A quick offer configuration wizard pops up.

Note: You'll also see an open check box in the bottom of the pop-up that lets you freeze the job posting i.e. To put the Job posting 'On hold' status (More on job posting statuses.)

  • The offer configuration wizard has 4 sections, as explained below.
    • Personal information: Information like first name, middle initial, last name, personal email address, home phone number, date of birth, gender and contact postal address of the candidate.
    • Compensation and Benefits Information: Remuneration and benefit related information viz.
      • Pay type - Salary, commission, etc. You can add custom pay types even as you generate an offer by clicking on '+ Add New'. 
      • Pay - The amount paid as compensation
      • Currency - The currency in which the candidate will be paid e.g. USD, GBP, AUD and more.
      • Pay rate - The agreed tenure of pay mentioned above e.g. hourly, monthly, annually
      • Pay schedule - The time interval for which the compensation will be paid
      • Other benefit information - These are open text fields that let you enter the benefit's name you wish to add and the amount or unit in the right side column e.g. Annual Medical Insurance - 10000 USD, or ESOP - 500 Units etc.,
    • Employment Details: Information about the role they're being offered like job title, job role, job location, employment type, reporting manager, suggested joining date, the business unit (A.K. A division), team (A.K. A department) and the name of the person who will be their HR contact.
    • Offer Information: This section contains 'Offer validity date', by default. However, you can add custom fields to Offer information.

  • Click on 'Save data and continue'. This action will save the offer to the system and load the next screen which is generating the offer letter.
  • From the top drop-down box, choose a relevant Offer letter template.
  • Once you generate an offer, a new 'Offer' tab is created on the candidate's Candidate 360 page. The action buttons to the top right corner give away to become just two options: 'Accepted' and 'Declined'. Based on the candidate's response, you can either mark the offer as 'Accepted' or 'Declined'. When you decline an offer on behalf of a candidate, you need to add an offer decline reason.

A partial offer page screenshot

Note: If you wish to send the offer letter through some other ways and want to move the candidate to the "Offered" stage alone, please disable "Offer Management" from Settings > General > Preferences > Recruit > Offer Management. 

That's everything you need to know about generating and sending offers!