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The trouble with most TA teams' approach to capturing their offer letter data is that they're buried in a spreadsheet which is often forgotten or lost in a pile of files and folders. Freshteam makes it easy for the recruiter to make an offer and send it as a soft copy, directly to the candidate. This information isn't just released into the cosmos after that. We can easily access it in the 'Offer' tab that gets added to the Candidate 360 when you make an offer to a candidate. Once a candidate accepts an offer, you can track the same on the candidate profile as the status gets updated to 'Offer Accepted'.


Creating an Offer

  1. Go to the candidate's Candidate 360 page and update the candidate's stage to 'Offer Draft' by clicking on '>>' and selecting 'Offer Draft' from the hiring process drop-down.
  2. Once you do, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm making the offer. 
  3. You can also Freeze the Job Posting right there if you are not hiring any more candidates for that role. (More on job posting statuses.)
  4. If you choose to make an offer, an Offer window opens up where you can fill in all information required to make the offer. 
  5. The offer configuration window has 4 sections, as explained below.
    • Offer Details
    • Approvals
    • Offer Letter 
    • Send to Candidate

Updating Offer Information

1. The first section is to fill in the candidate's personal information such as their email, name and phone number.

2. The second section is where you can fill in the job details such as the role, department, HR Partner, etc. 

3. The third section includes extensive details on Salary, Bonus, and Stock Grants. This is where we have given a lot of fields that make the offer letter the one-stop place where you fill in all details that will directly get synced to your Employee Directory when the candidate accepts the offer and becomes a new hire ready to be onboarded. 

4. The final section, Other Details gives you the option to fill in the last date to accept the offer, notes to be included in the offer and any other custom fields

5. Click on 'Save data and continue' once you are done with filling in the details to go to your next section, Approvals where you can add approvers who need to approve the offer. 

6. If you have approvals enabled for Offer Management, you will get this section and whoever you have set as an approver for the job, will be required to approve in the first stage. If you want to add more approvers, you can do so by simply clicking on "Add Approval Stage" and then adding an approver from the drop-down. Click here to learn more about Approvals for Offer Management before you set them up.

7. Once you have set up all your approval stages, click on Initiate Approval to initiate the process. You can add any comments you want to the approvers on the side pane under Add comments, approvers can also view the timeline of the offer made from the right pane.

Note: You can edit the offer made, that is edit salary details or other details before the approval is confirmed, once your approval is done, you cannot edit the offer any further. To edit an offer made, go to the candidate's 360 profile and click on the "Edit Offer" option available at the top above the candidate's name. Refer to the screenshot below.

8. If you want to override approvals, and directly send the offer to the candidate, you can do so by clicking on Override Approvals > Mark as Approved from the option present in the bottom left. You can do this if you have Admin Privileges.

9. Once you have your approval or if you have approved it yourself, you cannot edit the offer details. You can now send the Offer letter to the candidate. Click on Next to upload your offer letter. 

10. This will take you to the next screen, where you can upload your offer letter or choose a relevant offer letter template

11. Once you have uploaded your offer letter, click on Next to send the offer to your candidate. 

Sending Offer Letter to the Candidate

1. Freshteam gives you two options to send the offer letter, you can send it as an email or you can send it via E-sign software to get it electronically signed by the candidate. We have integrations with DocuSign and SignEasy which you can use to get your e-signatures.

2. If you choose the option, to send an email, you will get the email template to which you can edit, add attachments, preview, and send it to the candidate.

3. If you choose the option Send for E-sign, you will see this page. Here you can add the signers required to sign the document apart from the candidate as well. Click Next.

4. If you choose the option Send for E-sign, you will see this page. Here you can add the signers required to sign the document apart from the candidate as well. Click Next.

5. Here, you will see the preview of the offer letter, before making the offer, you can choose which E-signing tool you want to use, from the drop-down, ie DocuSign or SignEasy. Click Make Offer to send the offer out. 

6. From the Candidate's 360 pages you can see what is the status of the signer's actions and finish the process by marking it as Offer Accepted or Declined. 

Tip: After making an offer through any of the above methods, you would want to be notified about the status of the offer you made, to ensure you receive email notification about each event like after a signer has signed or an approver has approved, enable the necessary email notifications. To do this, go to Settings > Productivity > Email Notifications and scroll to offers options and enable/disable the options based on your requirement. Here is the screenshot of this page for your reference.

Note: If you wish to send the offer letter through some other ways and want to move the candidate to the "Offered" stage alone, please disable "Offer Management" from Settings > General > Preferences > Recruit > Offer Management

That's everything you need to know about generating and sending offers!

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