Note: The change is applicable only to Microsoft users (MS Calendar, Office 365 Rooms, O365 email).

MS has announced the deprecation of version 2.0 of the Outlook REST API. The v2.0 REST endpoint was expected to be fully decommissioned. This requires the existing Microsoft Apps to be migrated to Microsoft Graph APIs.

The following changes must be made at the User's end for Microsoft applications to work seamlessly on Freshteam.

Account Level actions to be done by the admins

1. Reauthorizing the Microsoft Office 365 Calendar integration

With migrating to new API, you must reauthorize the MS Calendar integration. To reauthorize kindly navigate to settings -> Integrations -> Interview Scheduling section -> click on the "Reauthorize" button. Here is a screenshot for your reference.

This will ensure the changes are updated for your account on the backend. 

2. Re-enable Microsoft Office 365 Rooms integration

For Microsoft Office rooms, you must disable and re-enable the integration. To do so, kindly navigate to settings -> Integrations -> Interview Scheduling section -> disable the toggle for "Office 365 Room" and re-enable the toggle.

Actions to be done at the User level

1. Re-enable the Microsoft Calendar

The Microsoft Office calendar must be re-integrated for the time-off request to be visible on your Office calendar. To re-enable the integration, kindly click on the Profile icon -> Click on "Calendar Sync Settings" -> Click on "Remove" to remove the integration. 

Now click on "Microsoft Calendar" to re-integrate.