Freshteam Mobile App brings HR operations right at your fingertips. With a simple User Interface that enables easy navigation across various screens, Freshteam Mobile App acts as the HR assistant for your teams. Be it submitting interview feedback, your employees requesting time offs and you approving or rejecting them - Freshteam Mobile App is your ultimate solution. 

Steps to Install and Login

1. Your employees can log into the Freshteam account and navigate to the top right corner of the screen

2. The next step involves clicking on the profile icon > Install Mobile App

3. A new window will pop up asking your employees to install Freshteam Mobile App from Playstore or Appstore

4. Once they install Freshteam Mobile App, they can either Login with Account URL or with the QR code

5. To log in with QR code, they have to press the button ‘Login with QR code’ on the Mobile App and scan the QR code that was shown earlier.

6. Congratulations! The login is successful. 

7. To login with Account URL, your employees have to press the button ‘Login with Account URL’, and fill in the domain ID. for example, ‘’. To know the domain URL, open Freshteam web platform and check the URL.

8. As a next step, select ‘Next’

9. They can either ‘Sign in with Google’ or ‘Enter Email and Password’ to Login. As a next step, they have to select ‘Login’ to successfully log into Freshteam Mobile App.

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