Freshteam allows you to set up multiple Time Off Policies for your company. Typically organizations use this capability to create different policies for employees in different roles or geographies. Once the policies have been created, the next obvious step is to map employees to these policies. This article highlights the steps for the same.


Changing the Time Off Policy for an individual employee

Here are the steps to do this in a few clicks:

1. Go to the Home screen and click on the Employee > Employee Directory option from the left menu.

2. Search for the employee name for whom you want to change the Time off Policy.


3. Click on the Employee card from the search results to open his/her profile. Go to the Timeoff tab.

4. Click on the Configure Time-off button towards the top-right. 

5. In the modal that appears, choose the Time Off Policy that you want to assign to the employee. 

6. Click on the Save button to complete the policy change for the selected employee. 

Note: The time off balances for the employee will be automatically transferred from the old policy to the new policy by selecting the Transfer balance checkbox option in the policy change step.

Changing the Time Off Policy for a set of employees (based on location/team)

Migrating a set of employees to another Time Off policy is fairly simple in Freshteam. Here are the steps: 

1. Go to the Settings option from the left menu.  

2. Go to Time Off > Time Off Setup > Policy option in the Settings screen. 

3. Hover over the policy to which you want to add a set of employees and click on the Map Employees icon.

4. You would see a popup to map employees to this policy. Click on the Add Rule option. 

5. Add criteria to select employees for this Time Off Policy. You can map employees based on their location or team.


6. Click on the Add Employee Group button. 

7. The employee group (as per the chosen criteria) gets added to the bottom part of the window. The window also highlights the number of employees mapped to this employee group.

8. Click on the red alert icon to open the confirmation modal for Policy transfer. Click on the Yes, transfer to new policy button. 

9. Click on the ‘Map Employees’ button at the bottom of the popup to finish the migration of employees to the selected policy. You would also get an email notifying the change in the Time Off Policy for the selected set of employees. 

Note: The balances for employees will be automatically transferred from the old policy to the new policy. If you find any mismatch in the balances, you can use the import balance option to re-adjust the Time Off balance.

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