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Are you planning to integrate Monster with Freshteam? Before you do, do you want to know what the Integration offers for your recruiters? 

We will tell you. 

With the Integration, you can, 

 1. Publish jobs from Freshteam to Monster, no need to publish in two places, just once will publish it in both places. 

2. You can also unpublish jobs on Monster directly from Freshteam, do it manually, or when the job's status is updated to closed, internal, private, on-hold, or delete in Freshteam, it will be automatically unpublished on Monster as well. 

3. Automatic sync of job details on Monster when updated in Freshteam. 

The details/ fields that sync from Freshteam to Monster are: 

- Job Title 
- Job Description
- Experience
- Job Type
- Salary Details 
- Currency Details
- Location

4. Another major item the integration offers is, Candidate Tracking with Source Attribution.


Candidates applying to a job from Monster are redirected to your career portal powered by Freshteam. When they apply, the source and source category, in this case, Monster and Premium Job Board will be added automatically to the Candidate 360 profile. Recruiters can easily track the performance of the Job Board and measure ROI for the same. 

To know how to integrate Monster and Freshteam, read this article.