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A job posting is announcing the opening of a new job role in your organization. There is a good deal of information that go into a job posting, such as a job description, years of experience required, the turnaround time for the job position to be filled, etc., 

Freshteam brings most of the popular and common fields used in a job posting inbuilt with it, which you edit or delete, similarly we also give you the option to create your own fields for your jobs based on your company's requirements. 

Editing Job Fields in a Job Posting

1. Go to Settings > Job Publishing > Job Fields

2You will find the default fields which you cannot edit or delete. 

3. Below it you will find the other customizable fields you can add or delete. For more preset fields, you can look to the right pan. 

4. You can also add Custom Fields by clicking on the Add Custom Field option present in the top left corner. 

5. You can give the custom field a label and choose its property whether it is a radio button or text box or check box.

6. You can also choose the field's behaviour whether it should be a compulsory field, or only visible to the recruiter.

7. Click Add and you have yourself a custom field. 

8. Don't forget to save before you exit this page.

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