Congratulations! You are hired. Have few documents to sign before as part of your onboarding process? Read through this article before you get inside the important process made easy with Freshteam. When DocuSign is the e-signature tool your TA or HR has chosen, you will receive two emails from Freshteam, one welcome email, and one email inviting you to e-sign your Offer Letter. 

The e-sign email will look like this, 

Now, click on the "Link to Verify and Sign the offer" link to go to the DocuSign portal to sign your offer letter. It will look like the image below. 

- Here click on the "Signature" button, you will get a "Sign" icon that you can drop wherever you want to place your signature. Like this. 

Once you drop it, the following dialog box will open. 

- Here you can choose the stylized signature that DocuSign offers like in the above picture or choose to draw your own signature as well. Refer to the image below. 

- Once you decide on your signature, click on "Adopt and Sign" to complete the signing process. 

- You can also add the date you signed using DocuSign, by clicking on the "Date Signed" option, which will let you place the date icon in place of your choice. 

- Once you are done adding all information, click on "Finish" from the top-right corner to submit the letter. 

- If your process was successful, you will get a message like this from Freshteam, your employer's way of saying you did the job right and officially welcoming you.