Congratulations! You are hired. Have few documents to sign before as part of your onboarding process? Read through this article before you get inside the important process made easy with Freshteam. Once you receive your Welcome email and add yourself into the account, you will be taken to the below page. 

1. Click Proceed, fill your basic personal and employment information. 

2. After this, you will be taken to the files to fill or sign.

3. Here, to sign the document, click Verify and Sign.

4. This will take you to the SignEasy page where you can sign the document. 

5. Click on Signature, your can choose the different signatures SignEasy auto-generates, or draw one of your own. 

Note: SignEasy also has the feature to add Date, Name, Email etc easily in the document wherever necessary.

6. Place it in the space provided for signature and click Finish to submit the document. 

7. This will redirect you back to Freshteam. Here, click Refresh to refresh the status as signed and click Submit to complete the process.