Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

To make offers from Freshteam, enable Offer Management from General Settings > Preferences > Recruit. Once you do this, you will notice another option coming up called "Skip offer Approval", if you do want approvals to make your offers, enable this. 

However, if you want to have approvals to be done before making an offer, disable it and make your offer from the different ways in Freshteam. 

If you choose to make offers with approvals, this is how your offer drafting page will look like. 

1. You can name the approval stage as HR or Management to give clarity on whose approval it is. 

2. You can choose who are the approvers from the drop-down list. 

3. You can choose if you want everyone on the stage to approve or only one etc., 

Once you have added all the stages, click on Initiate Approval to begin the process.

4. You can also remind the approver by sending reminders to approve the offer. 

Once the approval is made, you can send the approvals in any way you choose, there are three ways to do this. Read this article to know more.