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Time off works differently in every company. Some would require multiple holiday calendars, different workweeks, different policies, different time-off types, auto approvals, custom accrual, half-day leaves and much more. The good news is, with Freshteam, you get it all.

In this article, we will show you how to create custom time-off types apart from the default ones Sick and Earned. Let us see how 

  1. To begin with, go to “Settings>Time-off type”.

  2. Here, you will find “Create New Timeoff Type”, click it to create a new type time off type.

  1. Give Title, Colour, Description, and click ‘More Options’ if you want to set auto-approval, set the leave only for men/women and other such conditions for the time off type. 

  2. You can also choose if you want your Time-off type to be paid or unpaid leave. 

  3. Click “Save” to save the time-off type created.

Another quick way to add a new type of time-off is during the Time-off policy creation. Click here to know-how.