When you get added as a vendor to a Freshteam account, you gain access to a portal where you can view the job posting you’ve been added to, add or remove candidates and keep track of the hiring status.

To get access, you have to make sure to activate your email and create credentials. You can do this by clicking on the activation email in your mailbox.

Adding candidates

As a sourcing partner, there are three ways through which you can add candidates to a job posting. 

  1. Add candidates directly

  2. Bulk import resumes

  3. Import candidate profiles through a CSV 

1) Adding candidates directly:

This is the method we’d recommend when you add candidates, one at a time.

  • Click on the job posting you’d like to add a candidate to.

  • When you do, you’ll get a new candidate form.

2) Bulk import resumes

If you have a bunch of resumes in a folder on your computer, this is the method we’d recommend.

3) Importing candidates from a CSV

This involves uploading a CSV file with candidate information. You can upload resumes or zip files. Please make sure there’s a column in the CSV that has the filenames of the document against the right candidate. There are links to sample files that you can download and use, if you have doubts about the right format.

When you add a candidate, you’ll be able to login and keep track of their status through the hiring process.