Accessible to Admin, Account Admin, HR Partner, Recruiter, Limited HR Partner and Limited Recruiter

With Freshteam, you can publish your existing job postings directly to job boards. Freshteam integrates with sic different job boards - Indeed, Adzuna, Neuvoo, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn. 

  • Go to the Recruitment tab > Recruit > Click on ‘Jobs’.

  • From the list of active jobs, you can choose the job you would like to post to the job boards by clicking on the job.

  • Once inside the job, click on 'View job details'.

  • Click on the ‘Add and attract candidates’ tab to navigate to the ‘Add and attract candidates’ section.

  • You will spot the ‘Free job boards’ option.

  • Click on it to see the list of job boards available to publish your jobs to.

  • After enabling the required job boards, Click Save to publish your job posting.