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With Freshteam, you can publish your existing job postings directly to job boards. Freshteam integrates with six different job boards - Indeed, Adzuna, Neuvoo, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn. 

  • Go to the Recruitment tab > Recruit > Click on ‘Jobs’.

  • From the list of active jobs, you can choose the job you would like to post to the job boards by clicking on the job.

  • Once inside the job, click on 'View job details'.

  • Click on the ‘Add and attract candidates’ tab to navigate to the ‘Add and attract candidates’ section.

  • You will spot the ‘Free job boards’ option.

  • Click on it to see the list of job boards available to publish your jobs to.

  • After enabling the required job boards, Click Save to publish your job posting. 

  • This will publish the job to the respective job boards that were enabled by you.

    Note: Each job board takes a different amount of time to publish the job, however, a minimum of 12 hours to a maximum of 48 hours is required to see the published job on your job board.

  • You will know the number of candidates applied through each job board by clicking on the Free Job Boards icon again. See the screenshot below. 

  • The candidates will be automatically added to the respective job and the count will also be increased accordingly. 

Hope this article was helpful! For more detailed information on the various job boards and how you can leverage them for hiring success, download our free, must-have guide to job boards for intelligent recruiting.