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Freshteam allows you to include HackerRank assessments in the hiring process for a job. For instance, let’s say you created a job posting for senior-level software engineers. As the next thing, you can configure the hiring process for the job to include HackerRank tests in the screening process.

This way, all candidates applying for this job will take have to take the test. And the recruiters, will send tests, track scores and review them with panel members right from Freshteam - saving a lot of time and effort.

  • First, create the job posting.

  • Open the job posting, and click on the ‘Hiring workflow’ tab. 

  • From the options shown, click open ‘Manage hiring process’. 

  • You will see a default hiring process with the standard set of five categories. However, you can add HackerRank tests only in the ‘Screening’ and ‘Face-to-face interviews’ categories.

  • As you hover through the stages, you will notice a ‘Settings’ icon next to them. Click on the settings icon to add a HackerRank test.

  • Choose a HackerRank test from the drop-down.

When a candidate is moved to a stage that is configured with a HackerRank test, a prompt asks the recruiter whether they’d like to send the configured test.

Note: The test options listed in the drop-down are those you created in HackerRank. If you have not begun creating tests, here’s how to create your first test.