Freshteam Mobile App allows you and your teams to view the organization chart with just a few taps on your android/ios phone. One can access information related to their reporting managers as well as direct reportees. Let’s understand how this works:

Detailed instruction guide

  • STEP 1: One has to open their Freshteam Mobile App
  • STEP 2: The next step involves selection of ‘Employee’ from the bottom navigation bar
  • STEP 3: Now they will be able to see their name on the screen just below the search bar. Just beside the name, they will find an ‘Organization Hierarchy Icon’. 

  • STEP 4: Upon selecting the ‘Organization Hierarchy Icon’, one can view their reporting manager, peers, direct reportees, reportees to their peers. 

  • STEP 5: Furthermore, one can click on any employee in the organization chart to view the organization chart from their perspective. 

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