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There might be scenarios where you might want to update the time off balance for a specific Time Off type. For instance, adding compensatory leaves for a large number of employees who might have worked over the weekend, or adding 3 additional leaves for the entire team to cope with tough pandemic times.  

Here is how you can update Time Off balances in bulk using a CSV spreadsheet. 

1. Go to Settings > Time Off > Timeoff Import/Export > Import balances

2. Select the Add Balance option or the Override Balance option based on your preference. 

  • Add Balance option adds or subtracts balance to the existing balance for employees.
  • Override Balance option clears off the existing balance and adds a new balance as given in the spreadsheet. 

3. Download a sample CSV file by clicking on the Download Sample CSV option. The sample sheet that you download would look like this. 

4. Update the data in the given format by filling in the following fields

  • email: Email id of the employees whose balance you want to edit.
  • leave_type: Time off type for which you want to edit the balance. This has to be among the existing 
  • balance: The balance that needs to be added to the corresponding employees.
  • leave_units_type: Choose between ‘days’ and ‘hours’  depending on whether the corresponding employee is mapped to a daily or hourly time off policy. 
  • comment: A text field to keep a track of why the balance is being added. You can enter any text value here. 

Here is an example filled spreadsheet: 

5. Click on the ‘Choose file’ option and upload the updated spreadsheet in .csv format. 


6. Click on the Start Import button. 

7. Once your import is complete, you would receive a notification email with the success/error report of the import. 

8. Open the CSV file to see the records that failed to import. The last column shows the specific error because of which the corresponding row was not imported. 

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