While managing payroll every month, the finance team is constantly badgering HR partners and team managers to get the list of unpaid leaves their team has applied for. With Freshteam Time off Reports, managers can now breathe a sigh of relief. Let’s see how to generate a report of unpaid leave requesters in Freshteam. 

  • Head to the Reports section on the left sidebar. 

  • Click ‘New report’ to create a new report. In this case, let’s name it ‘Unpaid time off processing - Payroll’

  • On the following page, go to the Templates tab on the right sidebar. 

  • To create a time off report, select ‘Time off’ from the filter drop-down. 

  • Since Time off templates are highly customizable, select any Template from the right. Here, let’s pick ‘Total time off grouped by Time off status’, enlarge it.

  • Click ‘Edit’ and ensure to Save all your changes before navigating to the next page.

  • On the right sidebar, under ‘Metrics’ section, select ‘# number of leaves’ and select the calculation method as ‘Sum’. This will give you the total number of unpaid leaves.

  • Change the date range criterion to ‘Time off applied date’. This will give you the unpaid leaves that have been applied this month, but for a future date. Provide a date range of your choice

  • Add an additional filter named ‘Time off type’ and select ‘Unpaid’ time off. 

  • Click ‘Apply’

  • A graph will be generated on the screen, giving the total number of unpaid time off for the given date range. 

  • To get a list of employees who have requested for unpaid time off in the designated time period, click the Underlying data. 

  • Click on the ‘Editing’ button on the top right to Save all your changes.

Once that’s done, you can send it to your payroll team by clicking the ‘Export’ icon for timely processing of payroll