Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Are you someone who is not a Gmail or Outlook user? Do you have a different email provider? You can integrate with Freshteam too, in simple and easy steps. 

Integrate now to make sure you do not miss any information or candidate gets lost. Let us see how 

1. Click your Profile icon present in the top right corner of your Dashboard. 

2. Select Email Sync Settings. 

3. You have Gmail, Office 365, and others have options here. Select Others.

4. The following screen will pop-up. 

5. Here fill the username and password of your email, and set the Incoming Mail Settings and Outgoing Mail Settings as follows. 

6. Under Incoming Email Settings, do the following: 

Set IMAP server as <depends on the email client>
-  Port as <depends on the email client>
-  Check 'SSL'  box
-  Select Authentication type as Plain 

7. Under Outgoing Email Settings, do the following: 

-  Set SMTP server as <depends on the email client>
-  Port as <depends on the email client>
-  Uncheck ‘Use SSL/TLS’ 
- Select the Authentication type as Login. 

8. Click Save once you are done to successfully complete your integration. If you still have a problem doing it, contact your IT Team.