Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Note: To make sure your integration works correctly, there is a small procedure you have to follow. Read here to know more. 

Does your company use Outlook for Email? You probably get a lot of candidates and other information in your mail, no worries, we can integrate Freshteam with Outlook mail and make sure no information or candidate gets lost. Let us see how 

1. Click your Profile icon present in the top right corner of your Dashboard. 

2. Select Email Sync Settings. 

3. You have Gmail, Office 365, and others have options here. Select Office 365, if you want to integrate another email, click Others. 

4. The following screen will pop-up. 

5. Fill in your Office 365 Username and Password. If you do not have admin access or if it does not log in, you can contact your company's IT or Admin team to get access. 

6. After filling the details, under Incoming mail settings, do the following. 

-  Set IMAP server as 

-  Port as 993

-  Check 'SSL'  box

-  Select Authentication type as Plain 

7. Under Outgoing mail settings, do the following. 

-  Set SMTP server as

-  Port as 587 

-  Uncheck ‘Use SSL/TLS’ 

- Select the Authentication type as log in

After doing all this, you can click Save to enable the integration, if you still have a problem doing it, contact your IT Team. 

Note: If you have Two Factor Authentication ON for the Outlook account you are trying to sync, you have to use your App Password instead of the Account Password to make the sync work. To get your App Password, go to Security Basics and click on Manage -> Create New APP Password it will show a password which should be given as input while configuring in Freshteam.