Recruiters can edit or update the interview details on Freshteam Mobile App. Please note that only recruiters will be able to modify the interview. Let's understand how this works.

Steps to Edit an Interview from Mobile App

1. Log into Freshteam Mobile App. On your home screen, you can see the upcoming interviews. Click on View Interview.

2. Now you can view the interview details such as date and time, type, candidate details, and competencies to evaluate. To edit the interview, click on the Edit icon beside the candidate's name.

3. To edit or add interviewers, tap on the Edit icon beside the current interviewer's name. Browse for more interviewers or delete the current interviewer.

4. Tap on the Interview Date to change it to Today, Tomorrow. You can also select a date from the calendar.

5. To edit the interview duration, tap on Duration.

6. Scroll down and select from various time slots. You can also choose from only available time slots by checking the box against Show only available timeslots.

7. Tap on the Room to select another interview room. 

8. After editing the interview, tap on Save. A pop-up will appear on your screen asking whether to notify the candidate of the changes in the interview. Select Notify and your interview is edited successfully.  

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