With Freshteam Mobile App, your employees can easily add or update their profile details. They can add new contact details, address updates, work-related updates in just a few seconds. Let us explore how it works:

Detailed instruction guide

  • STEP 1: Your employees have to open the Freshteam Mobile App
  • STEP 2: They have to select ‘Employee’ from the bottom navigation bar
  • STEP 3: Now they can see their name just below the search bar. They can tap on their name to reveal additional information. 

  • STEP 4: Your employees can also scroll down to view various subcategories such as work information, job details, personal information, employment and education details, compensation information, time off details etc. 

  • STEP 5: To update any information on your profile, they can select ‘Edit’ beside the profile avatar

  • STEP 6: They can select ‘Save’ to save the updated information.  

For any queries, please reach out to us at support@freshteam.com