SecurePass is a contactless door access control system that lets you manage access to your office space from a cloud-based centralized location. It comes with a built-in temperature scanner that makes this solution COVID-19 compliant.

Benefits of SecurePass

  • Future-Proof Mobile Access Control: employees can use their mobile devices to enter their office space.

  • Fever Detection: Securepass ensures scanning of body temperature to detect fever. Upon detecting abnormal temperature, the entry of that particular employee is restricted and the app also sends alerts about the same. 

  • Remote Access Management with OTP and NFC/RFID Checkin: even in absence of a mobile device, employees can check in using OTP codes or unique NFC/RFID tags. Admins can manage access control at a centralized location, they can grant or revoke accesses based on any red flags.

Steps to integrate with SecurePass

Watch this short video to get a glimpse of the integration process with SecurePass

Detailed instruction guide

  • STEP 1: Open SecurePass App in the Freshteam marketplace
  • STEP 2: Click on ‘Integrate with SecurePass’ button, and the login Page opens up
  • STEP 3: For an existing user of SecurePass Admin profile - Enter the login credentials registered with SecurePass.
  • STEP 4: For a new user - Click on ‘Sign up to integrate with SecurePass’
  • STEP 5: New users can then enter their contact information on a new page, and the SecurePass customer support team reaches out to them.
  • STEP 6: Once the user is registered as an Admin with SecurePass, they can begin the integration process using the login credentials they receive from the SecurePass team.
  • STEP 7: As a next step, the integration Page opens up. Enter the API endpoint and Authorization key and click on ‘Test & Sync’
  • STEP 8: A test is performed to check user authorization to access data. If the test is successful, we go to the next step.
  • STEP 9: The new user is asked to integrate Employee data mapped by email or phone number. This means, a check will be conducted using the registered email/phone of a particular employee in SecurePass database and the User's Freshteam database.
  • STEP 10: Synced Data Screen is displayed. Users can check all the employee data available across SecurePass and Freshteam.
  • STEP 11: User clicks on ‘Sync/Re-Sync Users’. If the registered email/phone matches, the corresponding employee data will be synced.
  • STEP 12: Any kind of data discrepancy, such as data duplication and data unavailability, will not be synced. Users will be requested to upload such data individually on SecurePass Admin Dashboard.

NOTE: For any particular employee, in case of a data mismatch, data received from Freshteam's end will override the data present in SecurePass' database.

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