• From the left menu in the Dashboard, click on the Settings option. 

  • Go to Employee Information System > Bulk Import Employee Data section and then click on the CSV File option. 

NOTE: You can alternatively go to Employees > Employee Directory, click on the ‘Import’ button present in the top right corner, and choose the CSV File option that appears in the drop-down menu. 

  • From the slider window that appears, choose the Import type as Create New Employees

  • Download the Sample CSV file to get a sample spreadsheet with the right data format. 

NOTE: You can choose between the Minimalist option vs the Full version option:
The Minimalist option allows you to fill only the mandatory fields to create employee records. You can use the Update Existing Employees option to add other fields later. The Full Version option mandates you to add all the employees fields and hence creates employee records with all the employee details in one shot.

  • Fill in the Employee data in the downloaded CSV, for the new employee records that you want to create in the system. 

  • After filling in the spreadsheet, upload the same by clicking on the click here to upload .csv option. 

NOTE: Freshteam currently supports only .csv format files for creating employees in bulk.  In case you try to upload a file in any other format, you would see an error message highlighting the same. 

  • Once the file is uploaded successfully, click on the Continue button on the top right of the window. 

  • You would be taken to a window to map CSV file columns to Freshteam fields. The system reads the first (header) row from the CSV file and extracts the column names list on the left side of the mapping window. Sample data extracted from the second row is also shown to make things more intuitive to the user.

  • You can map the column data to Freshteam fields by selecting the correct fields from the drop-down menus on the right side of the mapping. 
NOTE: You can also select a date format for date-based fields by clicking on the Format of the date in the CSV option.  

  • Once you map the mandatory fields (First name, Last name, email, or any other fields marked as mandatory in your account) you can click on the Map Fields button to start the import process. 

  • Freshteam will now check the file row-by-row for errors if any. 

  • You can either skip importing the rows with errors and proceed further by clicking on Preview Passed Records OR you can Download the Error records as a CSV file, fix the errors, and Restart import. 

  • Once you proceed further, you would be taken to a tabular interface showcasing all the newly imported employee records. You can review all the details and event edit any values if required. 

NOTE: The tabular interface makes the importing experience error-proof by letting you select values for fields that have a finite permissible set of values already configured in your Freshteam account.

  • Once you complete the data review process, you can click on the Create Employees button to instantly create new employees in the system. You can also make this process opt-in from your employees by using the Save and send invite option which sends each employee an email to accept the invite and add themselves to your Freshteam account. 

  • You would also see the preview of the default email invite, which you can tweak if required.