Floating holidays are a great way to attract diverse talent and improve the morale of the employees. Most companies provide them, simply because it is an inclusive practice, and employees get extra paid time off apart from their annual leave and sick leave. This gives them time to observe their cultural sentiments, or simply refresh themselves. With Freshteam managing your time off policy, here’s how you set up Floating Holidays in your Holiday Calendar:

  • Head to Settings > Time off > Holiday Calendar.

  • Go to the Holiday calendar you wish to edit or create a new calendar

  • Enable ‘Allow Optional Holidays’ toggle. By doing so, against the list of holidays, you will notice the option to mark them as Optional.

  • Choose the number of Optional Holidays you’d like to provide in a year, and mark which holidays should be made optional from your holiday list.

  • Suppose, you want to provide only half the number of Optional holidays for employees joining in the middle of the year, you can set up Prorated rewards. Enter the number of days and the policy period when you want the proration to be applied.  

  • Click Save.