Since its launch as an ATS 4 years ago, Freshteam has now evolved into a smart HR system that can cater to the needs of growing businesses. As we continue to provide quality service and support, we are renaming our pricing plans and revising the pricing.

Q: What are the new plan charges and when do they become effective?

A: The revised charges for Freshteam came into effect from the 20th of July at 12 am ET time. Here's the new pricing in USD:

Plan namesAnnual pricingMonthly pricing
Free$0, for up to 50 employees$0, for up to 50 employees
+ $59 platform fee 
+ $71 platform fee
+ $99 platform fee
+ $119 platform fee
+ $169 platform fee

+$203 platform fee+

Q: How is the new plan different from the current plan?

A: We have renamed our plan offerings as below:

Old Plan namesNew Plan names

The feature offerings in each plan continue to remain the same.

Further, we have changed the pricing model. Instead of charging you in multiples of 50 users, we have introduced a monthly platform fee, along with a pay-per-employee pricing model. 

The monthly platform fee would help with managing your data repository in Freshteam. This is combined with a pay-per-employee pricing model, where you have the flexibility to buy only as many licenses as you need. 

Q: As an existing customer, do I have to pay extra to use Freshteam after 20th July?

A: Good news! No, there won't be a price hike for customers who subscribed to the paid plans on or before 19th July 2021. Existing customers continue to pay as before and would continue to enjoy all the benefits of their current plan.

Q: My subscription renews after 20th July. Will I be charged based on the new plan on renewal? 

A: No. Irrespective of when your subscription renews, we’ll continue to charge you at the price at which you subscribed to Freshteam before 20th July. 

Q: I would like to upgrade to a higher plan, but my subscription renews after 20th July. Should I upgrade now, or at the time of renewal?

A: Even though your subscription renews after 20th July, if you plan to upgrade, it would be best to do it before the 20th of July, as we’ll bill you based on the current pricing plan. 

If you upgrade after 20th July, you’ll be charged on the new pricing. 

Q: What happens if I downgrade to a lower plan?

A: In case you downgrade your plan, i.e., move to a lower plan or decreases the number of employee licenses, the customer will be charged on the new pricing (w.e.f 20th July)

Q: I would like to purchase more employee licenses. Will I be charged as per the old pricing or the new pricing?

A: No. If you have subscribed before 20th July, 2021, the pricing change won't impact you when you want to purchase more employee licenses at any time.

Q: I would like to change the frequency of my billing cycle from annual to monthly. Will the monthly charges be based on the new pricing or the current pricing?

A: If you are an existing customer who has subscribed to Freshteam before 20th July, the variation in your pricing will be based on the annual/monthly charges in the old plan, irrespective of when you do it. 

If you subscribe to Freshteam after 20th July, the annual/monthly variation will be based on the new pricing. 

Q: I have already scheduled a downgrade for my account, am I affected here?

A: If you have already scheduled a downgrade, you will be billed based on the current plan only.