What has changed?

Indeed and Glassdoor, being sister companies, have joined hands in helping employers scout for talent efficiently. This means, any job posted on Indeed will be automatically posted on Glassdoor. To go in detail, 

  • Indeed- platform where you post free and sponsored job postings, which will be also listed on Glassdoor.

  • Glassdoor - platform for improving your employer brand. Job seekers can additionally apply for jobs that are posted via Indeed, on Glassdoor. You can no longer post jobs directly on Glassdoor.

How were jobs posted on Glassdoor and Indeed before the partnership?

Earlier, Indeed and Glassdoor were treated as two separate job boards. Freshteam would let you post jobs for free both on Indeed and Glassdoor. Freshteam also supports sponsored postings on Indeed. 

How does Freshteam post jobs on Indeed and Glassdoor now?

Henceforth, Freshteam will post all jobs on Indeed, which will be automatically posted on Glassdoor as well. Freshteam will no longer post jobs on Glassdoor separately. 

Do I need separate Indeed and Glassdoor accounts for posting jobs?

Yes. You need to maintain separate accounts both in Indeed and Glassdoor. 

Do I need a paid account with Indeed to post jobs on both Indeed and Glassdoor?

No, there’s no need to pay a fee for posting both free and sponsored posts on Indeed and Glassdoor.

Can I track the number of candidates sourced from Glassdoor?

While this was previously possible, since the partnership, it has changed. For all the jobs from Indeed and Glassdoor, Freshteam will tag only Indeed as the source.  

Will my job posting history on Glassdoor be moved to Indeed?

No. You should be able to access all your old job postings under ‘Employer centre’ on Glassdoor. However, all the new job postings via Indeed can be accessed only on Indeed. 

Who do I contact for questions on Glassdoor job postings?

For questions related to Glassdoor, or to remove your publicly listed job from Indeed, please contact Indeed support.

To know more about Indeed-Glassdoor Partnership, please refer to this link.  

To know how to post jobs on Indeed from Freshteam, please refer to this link.