NOTE: As per a recent update, Facebook has decided to shut down their partner API for job posting. Due to this reason, we would unfortunately be discontinuing our Facebook Jobs integration on 17th February' 2022.  

Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Facebook Jobs is one of the hottest places you can post your jobs and find the right candidates for you. With this integration, you can now directly post jobs to FB Jobs from Freshteam and manage them too. 

Let us see how to go about the integration. 

1. Go to Settings > Integrations and scroll down to Job Boards. 

2. Here you will find, Facebook Jobs, click on the enable toggle. 

3. It will then drop-down to a series of fields where you have to fill in the information to make the integration active. 

The fields you will fill are, 

-Company Name, Company URL, Company Facebook URL, and Company Address. 

Refer to the picture below for more context. 

4. After providing all the information, click on Save to enable the integration. 

5. For the Integration to work, you will have to do a one-time setup from your Facebook account as described below. 

Note: The ideal time to do the below steps would be a day after installing the Facebook app and posting the job to Facebook from Freshteam. This is because Facebook takes time to process the feed.

a. From the company's Facebook page, a user with admin access should go to "More > Jobs tab"  under which there will be the option to select API sources from which you can link jobs. Here, you will find "Freshteam by Freshworks" listed. 

b. Select the “Link from this source” option to make this integration effective. 

d. Facebook will review the integration, then send a confirmation to your Facebook Admin user which he/she must approve. 

How to Publish Jobs on Facebook Jobs from Freshteam? 

1. Choose a job of your choice which you want to publish on Facebook Jobs. 

2. Go to the job and view its Details. 

3. It will open up the Job details page. 

4. In here, scroll down to find the "Free Job Boards" option. 

5. Click on the Free Job Boards, a list of all the native job boards integrated with Freshteam will show up. Find Facebook Jobs and click on the Enable toggle and click on Save to post the job there as well. 

6. Note: Each new job will be reviewed by Facebook and may take up to 24 hours to process.


7. The list of information passed from Freshteam to FB jobs are:

Title, Description, Job type, Branch details (street, city, region, country & zipcode), Salary details (min amount, max account, currency).

8. The list of information about the candidate that FB jobs captures and sends to Freshteam are:

First name, Last name, Email, Phone number, Source category (Free job boards), Source (Facebook), City, Resume attachments, Education, & Experience.

9. Candidates can directly apply to your job posting from FB jobs and all the above information will be captured. 

10. Please refer to the image below to see how your job posting will look on FB Jobs. 
Jobs posted on Facebook will appear in two places 

a) Jobs on Facebook and,
b) In your company's career page jobs tab in the visitor view.

11. That's it, everything you need to know about the FB Jobs and Freshteam Integration is now known, start publishing jobs and see the magic unfold. 

Happy Recruiting :)