Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Note: Monster Integration is currently not available for our Indian, APAC, and Gulf customers, ie, users cannot integrate. And for other customers who have the integration available for them, an important thing to note. The integration will not work with your personal monster account credentials. To make sure it does, reach out to your Monster Account rep, or their Customer Support Team to get a Real-Time Posting username created for your account associated with Freshteam. Without this, the integration will not work. Reach out to us at for any help you need with this. 

Monster is one of the many job board integrations present in Freshteam. In this article, we will see how to go about integrating Monster with Freshteam to ensure a seamless recruitment experience for your team. 

To know what you can achieve from this integration, please read this article. 

To begin with, 

1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps 

2. You can search for "Monster" from the search bar on the page or you can find it under "All" in the Browse by Category Section. 

3. Here, you will find Monster, click on the Install button next to it, to initiate the integration. 

4. It will take you to the configuration page, as shown below. 

5. Provide your Freshteam Account's URL and also your API Key. You can find your API key by clicking on your profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen. To know more about API Key, read this.  Once you have entered both the information, click on Save and Continue to move to the next step. 

6. The next step is to connect your Monster account with your Freshteam account, so provide the Monster Account details. This will be the account from which we will post all your jobs on Monster Job Board. 

7. Once you give your Monster Login Credentials like Username and Password required to integrate with your Monster Account, select Save and Continue.

8. In the next screen, you can provide access to the different user roles in Freshteam who can publish a job to Monster. That is Admin, Account Admin, Recruiter, etc., Choose the roles from the drop-down, choose the industry and click on Install to complete the integration. 

How to Publish Jobs to Monster from Freshteam? 

1. Now that you have successfully integrated Monster with Freshteam, let us quickly see how to post a job to Monster from Freshteam. 

2. Go to Recruit > Job of your Choice > View Job Details. 

3. Scroll down to the Job Board Section and under Other Job Boards, you will find Monster as an option. 

4. Click on the Publish Toggle below the logo to initiate the posting. You will get the following pop-up screen. 

5. Fill in the duration you want the job to be active on Monster and the category of the job opening. Before you click on Post to Monster, you can preview your job posting. Refer to the screenshot below to understand how the preview will look. 

6. Once you are satisfied with your job posting, click on Post to Monster and Voila! Your job is live. 

7. You can come back to the job details page and view information like when the job expires etc., from the Monster Job Board section. You can also view your published job by clicking on the arrow icon. Refer to the screenshot below. 

That's it folks, your Monster-Freshteam Integration is good to go. If you have any more queries, please write to us, we will be happy to help. Happy Recruiting :)