Understanding holiday calendars in Freshteam, Creating a new Holiday Calendar for 2022, updating existing Holiday Calendar of 2021 with 2022 holidays, creating custom holidays, Creating new Policy and adding Holiday Calendar to it.


Congratulations on making it through another year, we’re really proud of you!  

With the New Year around the corner, organizations are gearing up for 2022 and so should you! You can start preparing for the upcoming year’s festive seasons with Freshteam’s ‘Holiday Calendar’. With this module, you can prepare your organization’s holiday calendar so your employees and teams can plan their time-offs and business plans for the wonderful year ahead in advance. The good news is, we’ve got you all covered 

Freshteam Holiday Calendar module is made just for you, for instance, you can create a calendar that is suited for needs by custom making it.  We even have Holiday Calendar templates of 15+ countries to simplify your efforts in creating a calendar based on your several different office locations across different geographies.

To create your new 2022 Holiday Calendar, these are the following steps:


1. Go to Settings > Time Off > Holiday Calendar 


2. You can add holidays easily by selecting "Add from Template" to add the holiday calendar of any geographical region easily. 

3. Choose "2022" as your year from the drop-down, also choose a country of choice from our wide list. 

4. Add the days you want to in your calendar. 

5. You can also add custom holidays as per your choice. Simply select Add Custom Holiday. 

6. Add holiday name, choose the date of holiday(s) and click Add

7. If you would like to include optional holidays for your employees, allow Optional Holidays and allocate how many days, then choose the holidays you would like to be optional. 

8. Once you are done adding all your holidays, click on Save to save your holiday calendar for 2022. 

If you have a pre-existing calendar from 2021 and want to add 2022 dates:

  1. Go to Settings > Time Off > Holiday Calendar 

  2. Choose the 2021 calendar of your choice to which you want to add your 2022 holidays. (I say choose because there might be more than one 2021 holiday calendar based on geographical location as shown in the screenshot below). 

  3. Click on the "Pencil" icon next to the calendar to edit it and add your 2022 holidays.

Below GIF demonstrates the same 

Creating a new Time Off policy and adding the updated Holiday Calendar to it  

  1.  When you’re done creating your holiday calendar, in order to assign Holiday Calendar to a new policy, the following needs to be done:


Go to Settings → under “Time Off” → under “Time Off Setup” → Click “Policy

  1. Click on “New Policy” on top right to create a policy for 2022’s holiday calendar

  1. You can select the policy from standard country wise policy dropdown 


1. If you’d like to create a custom policy, click the button “Create Custom Policy” and fill up the following details along with the New Holiday Calendar that was created in steps 1 to 10 above, Click “Save”, it’s that simple.

2. Once you have completed and created  your final holiday calendar, it should look like this to your employees, below GIF shows the same 

And there you go, you're done! Have a great 2022, everyone :) 

Please reach out to support@freshteam.com for any other queries.