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When you are moving to Freshteam from Excel or another HR software, you would import all your information to Freshteam. It applies to the different time-off requests present in your company as well. These might be approved or decline or waiting for a response and would be easier if was part of your Time-off software. In any case, you can import these requests to Freshteam in a few simple steps. In this article, we will see how to do it. 

To begin with, 

1. When you want to import your time-off requests, please ping our support team at and request for the feature to be enabled. We typically respond within an hour and get your feature activated. 
2. Once we activate it, you will find the option under Settings --> Time-off --> Import Time Off requests
3. Here you can click on '' to download the CSV template where you can enter the Time Off request details to be imported.

The data columns that you see here are:

  • Full name of the employee 
  • Email Address
  • Leave type
  • Leave Balance
  • Leave unit type.

4. Once the data columns are filled, you can import this file back on the same screen as Settings --> Import Time off Requests.

5. You will now have all the past, and current timeoff requests in your timeoff dashboard to action on. 

We hope this was helpful, for more questions, please feel free to ping us or help yourself from our Knowledge Base.