Are you a customer who has recently moved from Google Hire to Freshteam? 

Or are you looking to move to Freshteam from Google Hire and wondering how it will work? 

Either way, choosing Freshteam as your new Applicant Tracking System is a great choice to make because of many points, check out why here. 

But majorly it is simple to make the move. All you have to do is export all your data from Google Hire as a .json file and give it to us, our amazing team of developers will migrate all necessary information from Hire to Freshteam. 

That's the broader picture, let me break it down for you to show just how easy and smart it is to move from Hire to Freshteam with seamless migration of all your data. 

Here is a list of everything that will be migrated to Freshteam with a detailed breakdown of the workflow. 

What will be Migrated? How does it work?
Users / Employees1. Based on the Pricing Plan you choose, the number of employees allowed in that plan will be migrated as users in Freshteam in the "Active" status.

2. Any number of employees beyond the cap will be migrated in the "Inactive" state.
Jobs1. All jobs will be migrated into Freshteam under the respective stages. The stages might not be in the right order, which you can fix in one click.
Candidates1. All candidates mapped to any stage will be migrated under the same stage.

2. Any candidate who is not mapped with any stage will be migrated into the "Email Applicants" category.

3. Candidates of a job closed in Hire will not be migrated.

4. Duplicate email IDs are not permissible in Freshteam, so we will add the "Candidate's Hire ID to the prefix of their email id" to avoid duplication.

5. Freshteam also allows only one email id for a candidate. Hence the first email id of a candidate in Hire is migrated. The same applies to Phone Numbers.

6. Candidates who are in the "Hired" stage in Google Hire when migrated to Freshteam will be migrated without the offer information.

7. When a candidate's stage is not updated when they are in the Interview Stage or above in Hire, Freshteam will mark them in the "Open" stage.

So, that's about the basic migration from Hire to Freshteam, any changes you want later can be easily made by your own employees who will have "Admin" and "Account Admin" roles in Freshteam. To know more about what your Admin can do, click here. Or you can always talk to us, the Freshteam support to get help. We would be happy to. 

Now that you know what will be migrated, let me also tell you what are the things that will not be part of the migration. 

1. The conversations made among your panel members in Interview feedback or Interview of a particular candidate will not be imported. 

2. The migration will also not include the "Date of application/ Applied Date of your Candidates".

3. Source of the candidate will be migrated, eg: Indeed or Email or Referral, but since Hire does have Source Category Information, it will be "Google Hire" for all jobs in Freshteam.  

We hope that gives you a clear picture of what you can expect from the migration. Any other personal asks will be taken into consideration and our engineers will try to make it happen for you. Not long before Hire is gone, choose Freshteam and make the switch now.