Accessible to Admin, Account Admin and HR Partner. 

Do you wish to add or deduct a time-off balance for the employees in your company? You can do so using Freshteam in simple easy steps. 

The first way to go about this, 

1. Go to Time-off > My Company. 

2. You will get a list of all the employees in your company, choose the time-of type you want to adjust from the drop-down. 

3. Click on Adjust Balance to adjust the balance as shown below. You can also add comments to keep the employee, admin, account admin, and HR Partner in the know about the change. 

If you wish to bulk adjust Time-off Balance for your employees, 

1. Go to Settings > Time off Setup > Time-off Balances > Import Time-off Balance. 

2. Keep ready a CSV file with the employee information with the balance information. Upload this file. 

3. You can choose to add the balance to the current balance or override it by selecting the option. 

3. Click on Start Import to get the balances. 

4. If you do not have a CSV file with all your employee information, you can click Export from Time-off Setup Settings to get the file, edit it and then again import it to effect the changes. 

Note:  Make sure to change the exported file to the same template as the standard import template used in Freshteam. You can download the sample CSV and copy your data in it to match the template.