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Are you hiring a new bunch of candidates very often and seeing yourself in a position of challenge giving and tracking their Employee IDs? Well, Freshteam has a solution ready for you. Don’t waste time or miss out a number and get yourself in a loop of error, leave it to us to generate Employee IDs and stay tension-free. 

  1. To begin this, you have to go to the “Settings > General > Preferences”. 

  2. Here, go to the “Employees” section and enable the Auto-generated Employee IDs option. 

  3. Once you enable it, you will get the Configure option which you can choose to configure the Employee ID sequence and also create new sequences.

  1. If you have already enabled the option, and if you wish to make any changes to the existing sequence or create a new one, go to Settings > Employee Information System > Employee ID Sequences. 

Let us now see how to configure an existing sequence and also create a new one.

  1. To edit the Default Sequence, click on the Edit option next to it.

  1. Change the Title, and set the Sequence rules as you wish and click Update to save the changes made.

  1. To add a new sequence, click on Add New option available in the top-right corner or under the conditional sequence column.

  1. Here give the Title to the sequence, choose to which location the sequence is applicable for, and for which Employment type, set the Sequence rules and click Save to create the new Sequence.