Deleting an employee does remove the employee from your directory, however, the employee and all information associated with them will still be available in the portal. If you wish to delete that as well, you should delete the employee forever. 

Accessible to Account Admin, Admin and HR Partner

  1. To delete an employee permanently from your Freshteam account or to restore a deleted employee, go to “Employee Directory”.
  2. Click on the “Filter icon” present in the top right corner of the page.

  1. The filter pane will pop-up. Remove the existing filters and apply “Deleted” as your filter. Click “Apply” to get the list of employees deleted.

  1. Click on the employee you wish to delete forever/ restore. 

  2. Once inside the employee’s profile, click Quick Actions>Delete Forever/Restore present in the right corner of the page.

  1. If you performed the “Restore” option, the employee will automatically be restored. 

  2. If you clicked on “Delete Forever”, Freshteam will ask you to choose a preferred user to transfer all critical information and tasks, once you have chosen a user from the drop-down list, click “Yes” to delete the employee forever.

  1. Freshteam might take a while to delete the complete trace of the employee, refresh after some time to see updated information.