Accessible to Admin, Account Admin and HR Partner. 

Applicable to All Plans

Through Employee Directory 

  1. Once you move a candidate to the 'Hire' stage, go to Employee Directory. 

  2. Here you will find “ <number> new hires “ highlighted on display. 

  1. Click on the highlight to see the list of all the candidates moved to the hired stage. 

  2. Add the candidates you want as Employee by clicking “Add as Employee”. 

  1. Fill all the necessary information and click “Save as Employee” to successfully add the new hire as an employee. 

Note: A new hire can be added as Employee only if their joining date is on or before the date of adding them as an employee. If their joining date is in the future, they cannot be added as an employee till the date arrives.

  1. You can fill in more details and associate roles later as required. 

Through Onboarding

Feature Availability

Available in Garden and Estate

Who can do it?

Admin, Account Admin. 

  1. Once you move a candidate to the 'Hired' stage, the candidate will be automatically added to the “New Hire Queue” in Onboarding. 

  2. Go to Onboarding>New Hire Queue. 

  3. Click  and select “Add as Employee” to add the new hire as an employee.