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An employee can be added to your account manually by following the below steps: 


Adding an employee manually

There are two ways to add a new employee manually in Freshteam. 

  1. You can directly add from the ‘Dashboard’ by hovering over the “+Add New” icon and selecting “Employee” from the drop-down list.

  1. You will be redirected to the Employee Directory section and the “Add Employee” pane will pop-up.

  1. Another way to add an employee is to directly go to the “Employee Directory” section. Here, you can select the “Add Employee” option to add a new employee. 

  2. For a quick add, fill in the First Name, Last Name, Email ID and associate a role in Freshteam and click “Save and Send Invite” to add the employee. 

  3. An invite will be sent to the employee who then has to accept it to complete the addition. 

  4. To add an employee and add detailed employee information like Compensation, Previous Employment, etc., click “Take me to a detailed form”. 

  1. After filling all the required details, you can do any of these: 

  • Save as Draft: Save the Employee as Draft and later send an invite to give access to the portal. 

  • Save As

    • Save and Send Invite: Save the Profile and send an invite to the employee to enable access to the portal. 

    • Save Profile: Save the profile and send an invite later as per requirement.

Note: By default, employee status is set to active. If set to any other state than active, the employee will not be able to access the portal.