Inbox by Freshteam was created to help you work better with all the information that comes your way in a day of work. The switch from Notification to Inbox will help you get a better grasp on all your day-to-day activities, enable you to take action on your tasks as you see them, then and there. 

Every employee in your organisation will have a “My Inbox” to show all their notifications. If the role of your employee is that of a Recruiter or above inside Freshteam, in addition to “My Inbox”, they will have “Work Inbox” that includes all Recruitment Notifications and Updates. 

What is My Inbox and Work Inbox?

My Inbox

My Inbox is the inbox available for all your employees. It gives information on their Time off, Personal Profile and Profile of the employees reporting to them. It also sends out Alerts for Birthdays or Anniversaries. 

In addition, if the employee is below the Recruiter role inside Freshteam but is part of a job opening, notifications related to it will be received in separate filters like Interviews, Tasks, Candidate Emails, etc., 

Work Inbox 

Work Inbox is available for employees whose role inside Freshteam is Recruiter or above. Work Inbox is dedicated to providing information on the recruitment process. It helps perform quick actions like adding a comment, feedback, accepting or declining interviews, etc., 

Work Inbox has filters based on which the notifications are received and categorised. These filters provide you with a platform to perform timely and easy actions:

1. Interviews

All notifications regarding the Interviews Scheduled, Assigned, Cancelled, Modified will come under this filter. You will also receive a notification when a Feedback is submitted or it is due. A daily interview summary report will also be sent and would be a part of this section. 

2. Jobs

See everything related to your job postings in this section. It would include notifications for when a job is assigned, job owner change, panel member change or removal, job owner modification, and job information updates. You will also receive notifications if a job is deleted or restored in this section. 

3. Offers

Offers made, accepted and declined will be part of the Offers filter in Work Inbox. 

4. Candidate Emails 

All emails received from the candidates can be accessed in this section. You will be able to see the thread of emails sent and received so far to a particular candidate when clicking on an email from them. 

5. Internal Comments 

All public and private comments made will be sent as notification here. 

6. Candidate Alerts

Actions like candidate un-snooze, assessment completion, import of candidates and daily candidate summary report can be found in this section. 

7. Admin Alerts

Any changes made to the company portal, career portal, job widgets, SSL setting, Subscription Plan, Whitelisted IP and Account Information will be notified in the Admin Alerts section. 

8. Tasks

Notification received when a task is assigned, overdue, due today and tasks reminder will be part of this section. 

Using a Context Pane

Specific notifications like Time off, Interviews, etc.,  will have a Context Pane that will provide additional information to help you perform quick actions effectively. 

Time off approval notifications will have a context pane that gives information on the particular employee’s Time off balance, all the time off requests applied that week, the recent time off pattern of the team, etc., 


Interview notifications will have additional information like Feedback, Stages completed, etc.,