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If you are a company that has branches around the world it means you work based on multiple holiday calendars. What counts as a holiday in one part of the world, does not in another. To create effective Time-off policies it is essential to have the correct Holiday Calendar. 

Add a local holiday or remove an international one, create the ideal Holiday calendar for your company with Freshteam.  

Steps to follow to create a Holiday Calendar

  • Go to Settings > Time-Off.

  • In the “Time-off” Section, Time-off Setup > Holiday Calendar.

  • To create a new Holiday Calendar, select “Holiday Calendar” tab. (as shown in the image below)

  • A “New Holiday Calendar,” tab will pop-up. 

  • Choose a title for your calendar, declare the number of public holidays and optional holidays. 

  • Select the holidays you want to include by choosing them from our template or add it on your own by specifying name and date. 

  • Click “Add” to add the holiday to your list. 

  • You can make the calendar you have created as default by enabling the “Make as Default” toggle. 

  • Click “Save” to add the calendar to your list of Holiday Calendars.