Setting up preferences on the Time-off modules would allow you to configure and setup up a robust Leave Management System within Freshteam. These would include enabling Approval’s, Email notifications, a comprehensive view for entire teams (Team calendar), and allowing Half day leaves.

You can find this by navigating to Settings >> preferences (Under Time-off)


If your organization mandates an approval on employee time-off’s, you can enable this in Freshteam as well.

The approval privileges of employees lie with their reporting manager and HR manager, either of whom can approve an employee’s leave.

To enable time-off approval in Freshteam , go to Settings >  enable Approval for Time-off Declaration

2. Ability to view team calendar for leaves

Enabling Team calendar would allow Employees in a team to view the holiday plans of other teammates. This would allow/enable them to plan their holidays efficiently and apply for time-off’s accordingly.

To enable this, Go to settings > under Time-off > preferences

3. Time-off Email Notifications

There are email notifications in Freshteam pertaining to the Time-off module which would inform team mates/ employees/ managers and approvers regarding an employees leave.

To enable email notifications for time-off, go to settings >> preferences (under time-off) > enable Email notifications.

The following Email notifications are available and will be sent when the particular event triggers

Email Notification Event


When an employee applies for a time-off that Requires Approval

Employee, HR partner, Reporting Manager

When an employee cancels an unapproved time-off 

Reporting managers

When an employee cancels a time-off approved by Reporting manager

HR Partner

When a Reporting manager Approves/Rejects a Time-off for an employee


When an HR Partner Approves a Time-off for an employee

Employee, Reporting Manager

When a Reporting manager rejects a time-off


When an HR partner adds balance to an employee’s time-off


When an HR Partner rejects a Time-off

Employee, Reporting Partner

When a Manager Applies a Time-off

All reportees / team

When an HR Partner applies for time-off on behalf of an employee

Employee, Reporting manager

When a Reporting manager applies for for time-off on behalf of their Direct Reportee