Note: The Freshservice and Freshteam Integration in the Beta Phase, if your company wants to try it, you can reach to us at to enable the same. 

Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Integrate Freshteam with Freshservice to automatically trigger IT department related onboarding workflows such as creating an official email ID, granting access to software tools, distributing laptops, giving physical ID cards  etc 

Below are some sample workflows by integrating Freshteam & Freshservice, 

* Whenever a candidate is hired in Freshteam, create a Freshservice incident/ child  ticket / service request etc and automatically assign to the IT group . 

* Whenever a candidate is moved to any specific stage in Freshteam, create a user in Freshservice. 

Connecting Freshteam and Freshservice,

  • Go to Job detail page > Hiring Workflow  > Manage autopilot workflows 
  • Select the required events, conditions and actions as shown below and save the settings,


Sample code to create a freshservice ticket ( under Job details page>  Manage autopilot workflows> actions> trigger webhook > content ):

    "helpdesk_ticket": {
        "description": "Create freshservice ticket on behalf of the new employee to get all the access ",
        "subject": "Sam, new employee joined!",
        "email": "{{}}",
"priority": 1,
"status": 2
    "cc_emails": ""

Sample Freshservice incident created automatically when a new employee is created in Freshteam, 

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