Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

The Freshteam-Naukri integration allows you to expand your candidate search by posting to the platform directly without having to log in and out of the job board every time. Naukri is a premium job board so you must have a paid account with them to access this integration with your ATS. 

How to set up the Naukri integration?

1. Go to Settings > Productivity > Integrations. 

2. Here, under Job Boards enable the Naukri integration.

What do you need to enable the Naukri integration?

- To complete the integration you will need to receive the required credentials from Naukri so that your ATS can authenticate this integration. You can get this access key and secret key by contacting your Relationship Manager at Naukri. To receive this key you will be required to acquire two licenses: 

  • License to publish the job to Naukri.

  • License to receive the candidate information directly to your ATS: When you acquire this license, candidates looking to apply on your job will see a button on the job posting which will say ‘Apply on company site’ which will redirect them to your career site where they can apply directly.

- After you complete this procedure, you will be provided a key, which upon entering into your ATS will enable the integration. 

- Although the integration is on the account level, job publishing can be done at the job level. This means you can choose which job you would like to list on Naukri. 

- You can also keep track of how many candidates are applying through Naukri, using the source and source category. Through this, you can track the efficiency of this integration for your recruitment process. 

- You will need to fill out a form on some additional details required by Naukri before you publish a job on their site. 

- You can also filter the Naukri applications from your list of candidates by selecting the source filter as Naukri.