Note: Skype Interviews will be De-commissioned as of August 30th by Microsoft, Freshteam is working to Integrate with Skype for Business soon, until then Scheduling Online Interviews using Skype will not be possible.

Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

To schedule a Skype Interview with a candidate,

1. Go to the Candidate’s 360 > Interviews tab > Schedule Interview.

An interview scheduling wizard opens.

  • Fill out the date and time of interview.

  • From the drop-down, choose the interview type as Skype.

  • Click on add an interviewer to add an interviewer. 

After you add an interviewer, you can choose a time slot for the interview. When you choose the time slot for the interview, you will be prompted to choose an interview stage/round,  start time and duration, room for the interview and a note for the interviewer.

After you finish, click add. You will notice the information of the scheduled interviews show up on your right pane.

To notify candidates and other panel members, scroll down.

By default, the ‘Notify candidate’ option is checked. 

You’ll see an email template to send to the candidate (you can edit it). You can add other email addresses to the email. After you finish, click schedule in the to right corner.

As a confirmation, you'll see the scheduled interviews on the interviews tab of the candidate 360.

When it’s time for the interview, the candidates can join the interview by clicking on the link in the email sent to them. The other invited members will be able to see a join interview button in Freshteam using which they can join the interview.