A popular ask from our customers, the Indeed-Freshteam integration is now finally available for a limited beta. If you’ve found this article but don’t have access to the beta integration, please reach out to us for access.


What does the integration do and how is it beneficial?


When the integration is enabled,

  1. Freshteam automatically publishes all your published jobs in Indeed for free. No need to manually create a job posting in Indeed ever again.

  2. Information about jobs and state will be kept in sync across all the job boards. So editing your job can be done in just Freshteam alone.

  3. Any candidate who has applied to a job from Indeed will directly be added to the Freshteam system with the right source mapping.  No need for a manual export and import.


How to enable Indeed:

  1. Go to Settings>Integrations>Indeed

  2. Click on Enable. Done.

Some FAQs:


I have a few jobs listed in Indeed already (Free and Sponsored)?


If your existing job is a Free job on Indeed, please keep them listed on Indeed until you publish all of them from Freshteam as well. Once you do, please make sure to remove your free/sponsored listing because Indeed merges/removes duplicate jobs. If your existing job is a sponsored job, the job you posted through Freshteam will be removed.


Can I run sponsored job ads on Indeed from within Freshteam?


Currently, no. You can list a Freshteam job on Indeed but that’s about it. To run a sponsored job ads on those jobs, you have to log into Indeed and assign Ad credits to those listed jobs.

If you are particularly looking for this feature, please write to us so that we can add this to our priority list.


How do I track candidates who apply through Indeed?


Candidates who applied on a job listed via Freshteam on Indeed will have a unique source and source category associated with them, which is different from the one that is assigned when candidates apply through the career site redirect from Indeed. You can filter the candidates list using that source and source category.