When you add a new employee to your organization, there's a lot of paperwork and data entry that needs to be done. This article is to explain how the employment information fields work, for ease of operations. You can access these fields while adding a new employee or editing an existing employee's information.

  1. Office Email - This field is unique to your Freshteam account and is used to identify the user. Employees will use this email address to log into the product. If you change this email address for an existing employee, an activation email will be automatically sent to them again.
  2. Employment Status - By default, all the employees you've added will be marked as 'Active'. All other statuses viz. Retired, Terminated and more are  considered 'Inactive' statuses. Users with inactive statuses will not be allowed to login to the system.
  3. Job Location - Freshteam supports adding employees across locations. Here's how.
  4. Job Title, Business Unit (known as Division), Team (known as Department), Employee ID, Employee Type and Reporting Manager - Freshteam comes with an inbuilt employee directory and org-chart. These fields are used as the directory's essential values and to construct the reporting hierarchy.
  5. Date of Joining and HR Contact - These fields are intended for HR specific functions.
  6. Job Role - This field can be used to group employees based on their job function.

For information about roles and scope, please read this.