An employee can be added to your account through multiple ways: manually, a CSV import or by converting a candidate into an employee.


Adding an employee manually:

  • Go to Employees directory on the left pane. Click on the "Add new" button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can use the quick add form or use the detailed add new employee form with four main sections.

  • Name - First name, Middle initial and Last name.
  • Employment information - Will have details like official email address, employment status, job location, reporting manager, job title, date of joining,  job role, employee id, business unit (division), team (department), employment type and HR contact.
  • Personal information - Contains the employee's residential address, date of birth, gender,  and personal contact information such as email and phone.
  • Role and Scope (access permission) - When you add an employee, you choose what kind of visibility they have in Freshteam.
    • Account Admin - Has complete control over the Freshteam account including access to account or billing related information, and receives invoices. 
    • Admin - Can configure all features through the admin tab, but restricted from viewing account/billing related information.
    • Recruiter - Can manage all productivity and application tracking system features but restricted to access other settings such as general, user, account and billing related info.
    • Employee - Can view company job postings, refer candidates, access employee directory and tasks

Note: By default employee status is set to active. If set to any other state than active, employee will not be able to access the portal. 

Adding employees through a CSV import:

  • Go to Employees directory on the left pane. Click on the "Import" button, located on the right top of the screen. A popup will appear, asking you to upload a CSV file.

  • Choose the CSV file from your local machine and start importing employees. 

Note: Please format your CSV as in the attached sample CSV file. You can find a minimalistic and a full blown version.

  • Once you initiate the import, the imported employees will receive an activation email. All the imported users will be associated with the "Employee" role by default.
  • Employees can activate their Freshteam account and setup their profiles.
  • Import status will be emailed to the initiator separately. 
  • You can choose to change the associated roles for employees either individually or in bulk mode after the import is complete.

Adding a recently hired employee:

Once you move a candidate to the 'Hire' stage, you'll find a red number on display next to the 'Add New' button, the next time you visit the employee directory. When you click on this number, you'll get a dropdown that will display the list of recent hires. You can easily add them to the Freshteam account as employees, in a single click. All available information will be automatically filled in the new employee form. 

P.S - Admins will be able to add new employees directly from the '+New' dropdown to the top right corner of the screen.