Just like your company website, your Facebook brand page is a really good platform through which you can attract candidates. When you connect Freshteam to your Facebook page, you add a new tab to your Facebook page. This tab, typically called 'We are hiring', displays a list of published job postings that your candidates can apply to.

With Freshteam, you have the option of adding unlimited Facebook pages to your account.

Connecting Facebook and Freshteam

  • Go to Settings > Job Publishing > Social.

  • Click on 'Connect to Facebook page'. This will introduce a pop up, the authentication screen from the Facebook. Log into your Facebook account.
  • Once you authenticate the account, the next screen will show the list of Facebook pages you've in your account. Pick and choose the page you wish to connect to Freshteam. You can even change the tab name to whatever you like... Jobs, Careers or leave it to the default 'We are hiring'. Choose to 'Associate' once you've picked the right page and entered the tab's name.

  • Your Facebook page tab will now display all of your published, open positions.

Please Note: Due to restrictions from facebook, You will be able to publish a job here only if the page has 2000 or more likes.