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If you're sending miles and piles of emails every day, you can save frequently sent emails as canned responses. We can insert these canned responses into the body of the email, in a jiffy, thus saving you time and increasing your efficiency. Typing the same company information email again and again? Save it as a canned response! Have a set of instructions you typically send to candidates before they come in for an interview? Save it as a canned response!

You can also use dynamic placeholders, like {{}}, that automatically insert candidate information into the email for maximum personalisation.

Using canned responses

Insert  into the body of any email you're composing. For example, say, a candidate writes to you for information about your brand and your founding history, you can save this static text as a canned response, insert it in the reply's body and quickly personalize it for maximum efficiency. You can insert canned responses by clicking on the t4JkxR0Sadet2QM-vjFYElEca0u_I3tqjw.png (black message icon with a star in the center)  on top right of the email editor screen.

Creating canned responses:

  • Go to Settings > Productivity > Canned ResponsesCanned responses are typically organized under folders, for ease of use. We will save all of your personal canned responses, the ones you create only for your use under 'Personal'. You can save canned responses that you create for your team under 'General' or a new folder of your choice. You can create a custom folder too by a click on the '+' to the right of Folders header or rename any existing folder.

  • Click on 'Add new' button on the top right of the screen to add the canned response.
  • When creating a canned response, provide a 'Response Title' that you, and other teammates if you're creating for the organization, can easily identify.

  • You can insert placeholders in your response, like {{}} that automatically inserts the candidate's email address into the reply when the canned response is used. Click on the black chat icon with the '<>' symbol to the right of the editor screen to see a list of placeholders.
  • These responses can be only for you or for other employees too. Just remember that if they're just for you, they'll be only in the 'Personal' folder. If you're creating for the team, you have the option of choosing the folder you'd like the canned response to reside in.
  • Click 'Save' once you are done.

We can fetch the canned response you just created from any email compose section across the product.