Accessible to Admin, Account Admin, HR Partner, Recruiter and Limited HR Partner.

Freshteam integrates candidate and hiring panel communication into one tab, 'Conversations', to make the job of a recruiter more collaborative and smooth, paving way for highly contextual collaboration.

A part of the candidate's portfolio page, the 'Conversations' tab is a single window that captures:

  • The email conversations between the candidate and the recruiter or hiring manager.
  • Internal team comments and notes about the candidate by the hiring team, admins and account admins.

Reply AKA Email Conversations:

The Reply is like the Email compose option available in your mail client. You can change the subject, write the body and attach any file you want to (we limit attachment size to 15 MB). You can even insert pre-drafted email templates (complete with a dynamic placeholder for personalization) by clicking on the canned response icon (black chat icon with a star on it). (Know more about canned responses)

Comments AKA Internal Notes:


Your team can use comments to communicate internally and keep each other up to date. Typically, all the people associated with a job posting - recruiter, panel members, a hiring manager - and admins and account admins can comment on candidate profiles.

You can create

  • Public comments which are visible to all the hiring panel members and
  • Private comments which are visible only to the people tagged in it.

    Note: When you create a private comment, a 'To' field opens up and allows you to choose recipients.

  • When a team member comments on a candidate's profile, everyone associated with the job posting gets an email notification of the comment. If the comment is private, only the recipients get a notification.

Private comment box

How to mark an email or a comment as private?

When you're composing a comment or an email, you'll notice a 'lock' symbol to the bottom right corner of this reply/comment section, right next to 'Post/Reply'. Click on it to make a conversation 'Private' or 'Public'. 

If you've already posted the comment/email, the 'lock' symbol is available to the top right corner of the section.

Here's a symbol code for easy understanding:

TwnUE6XEJ613EZBmboF5r919YGzoWJartg.png - Mark as Public   

OcoowaIjM2rr9vnWdrAlwos93U6qVfWgkw.png-  Marked as Private

When would you need to mark an email or a comment as private?

  • Sensitive information: As a recruiter, you've probably found yourself discussing a lot of sensitive information, like offer package and compensation, with the candidate over email. Conversations you wouldn't necessarily want your teammates to access for a number of reasons. So you could mark this conversation as private, wherein only a Recruiter, Admin and Account Admin can see the conversation.
  • Specific recipient: You might, similarly, wish to hide sensitive information from other panel members or take an approval from the admin or account admin.