Any email transaction between a candidate and a recruiter will be a part of conversations. You can see different folders on the left pane of the screen and below are the available folders.

Awaiting Response: What to expect in this folder?

This folder will include all your candidate's (candidates of the job posting where you are the recruiter) unread emails. This helps you to quickly jump on the open conversations. You can see, all your unread candidate's emails which await your response.

Inbox: What to expect in this folder?

This folder will include all your read emails. You can see

  1. Your Candidate’s response (read)

  2. Your Candidate’s reply to your email.(read)

  3. Your previous response to the candidates

  4. Your team’s (recruiter, hiring manager, administrator) reply to the candidates.

Team inbox: What to expect in this folder?

This folder will include all unread candidate emails of other recruiter’s (if any). This helps you get better visibility on talent acquisition team’s load so that you can respond to the candidates in the absence of your team member. You can see, all candidate’s emails of other recruitment team members, which awaits a response.

Careers email, a subfolder of team inbox:

Emails sent to careers mailbox are listed here. Both read and unread, emails are listed here irrespective of the recruiter.


This is no different from any other email client’s draft folder, you can see,

  1. Any content written on an email reply section (conversation tab in a candidate 360) and not sent will appear in drafts, you can edit the content from the draft folder and send it when it’s ready.

  2. You can see notify the candidate in multiple places in Freshteam, where you can compose a content and send it to the candidate. Any such content which you want to continue later will be saved as a draft.


All successfully sent emails will be listed here.


Freshteam allows you to schedule your response. You can compose your response when you are free and scheduled it to be sent at a later time. All the email responses that are scheduled will be listed here. The scheduled emails can be edited, rescheduled or cancelled from this folder. (learn more about scheduling an email)



  • All your deleted emails will be a part of this folder.

  • You will have options to delete the emails that are in your sent items. This removes the email from the ‘Candidate 360 > Conversation’ page.

  • The deleted items cannot be restored.

  • The deleted items will remain unaltered till you clear your trash.


The filter option in the conversation section allows you to pick the right conversation you wish to read or respond to 

  • Under ‘Awaiting Response’, ‘Inbox’, ‘Draft’, ‘Sent’, ‘Scheduled’ & ‘Trash’ folders

    • Click on the filter icon. 

    • You will see an ‘Applied For’ dropdown.

    • You can search for a job posting for which you are a recruiter and filter all the relevant conversation with respect to the job posting.

  • Under ‘Team Inbox’

    • Click on the filter icon

    • You will see a ‘Recruiter’ dropdown 

    • You can search for a particular recruiter, to see all unread or unresponded candidate’s email conversations of the selected recruiter and even start responding to them in their absence.

Quick actions:

  • Reply - click to send a response.

  • Mark as private - As a recruiter, you can mark a sensitive conversation as private, so that it will not be visible to hiring managers or panel members. You can also mark a hiring manager’s conversation as private so that it will not be visible to panel members.

  • Delete - delete a conversation.

Bulk actions:

  • Freshteam allows you to select multiple conversations to perform bulk actions. Hover over the conversation to see options to select a conversation. You can see a radio button, click to choose the conversations. You can select multiple conversations and once selected you will see a set of action icons on top of the section.

  1. Select all

  2. Reply all

  3. Mark as unread

  4. Mark as private