In Freshteam, you can capture email conversations between candidates, recruiters and hiring managers and make sure no context is ever lost or ignored. We can access Conversations from the Recruitment option in the menu bar. 

Under Conversations, you have two categories - Candidate Conversations and From Email Channel. 

While Candidate conversations would bundle up all the conversations made between candidates and your team/you, Email Channel covers the Emails from whitelisted Listener channels like job boards. 

Freshteam organizes all of your correspondence into the following categories:

My Inbox

  • Unread - All the not-opened emails in your mailbox.
  • Everything else - All the emails pertaining to your candidates who are attached to a job posting whose hiring team you're a part of. This could also include emails sent by other hiring team members to your candidates.

Team Inbox

Unread - The not-opened emails of your teammates.

You also have other categories like, 

  • Draft - All of your half-finished emails can be found in this view.
  • Sent - This view is a list of all the emails sent by you.
  • Scheduled - Any emails you schedule to be sent at a later time can be found here.
  • Trash -  All of your deleted emails can be found here.


One can use the filter option to quickly get emails related to one particular topic or job or candidate saving a ton of time. 

Your Mailbox (Eg. Careers Email)/ From Email Channel

If you set up an email inbox in Freshteam, you can view all the emails that applicants send the email address in these tabs. Freshteam creates a tab for every inbox you set up in it.

The two sub-categories in this category are:

  • My Jobs - All the emails that have been sent to the particular job you set-up. 
  • Team and Career Inbox - All the emails that have been sent to (for example) for all other jobs.

Emails will be displayed under the conversations tab on the candidates' profile along with the sender's details and timestamps. While discussing sensitive information, recruiters can mark conversations as private. Hiring managers and panel members will not be able to view private conversations. Recruiters can also mark panel members' conversations as private. 

Email conversations can have attachments; the attachments size limit is 15 MB.

Note: Email Channel Category under Conversations is not available on the Free Plan.

If you find yourself typing out and sending the same email over and over again, you can save it as a canned response, for maximum efficiency.